Nebraska Payday Loans

Neb. Stat. Ann. §§ 45-901
Status: Legal

Payday loans are legal in the state of Nebraska, pursuant to Neb. Stat. Ann. ยงยง 45-901. There are currently 191 companies operating in the state that offer payday loan services, although they appear to be centered only in five parts of the state.

Payday Loan Lending Laws in Nebraska

The maximum loan amount a borrower can request in Nebraska stands at $500, which must be repaid within 34 days. Lenders can charge a fee of $15 per $100 or pro rata for any part thereof on the face amount of a check, and can also charge a $15 nonsufficient fund fee for a bounced check. A borrower can only have two different loans out at one time, and rollovers are not permitted. The simple format of these rules underline the serious nature of payday loans in general.

Payday lending in Nebraska has two features unique among the states that allow payday lending practices. Though the majority of other states do not permit lenders from seeking criminal actions against delinquent borrowers, Nebraska laws do not specifically prohibit this. As such, a lender could choose to file a criminal lawsuit if a borrower is unable to repay the loan within the established time frame. Whether a lender would choose this particular strategy when trying to retrieve delinquent funds is debatable; a borrower cannot work to repay a debt if they are evading the authorities or confined to a jail cell. More likely scenarios might include a lender seeking a legal judgement against the borrower and setting up a repayment plan, or turning the account over to a collection agency. At the same time, a borrower has the advantage of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which means a borrower has the right not to be harassed by a lender attempting to regain the funds.

The other unique feature of Nebraska payday lending rests with the inclusion of Native American tribes into lending regulations. A legal decision in late 2016 prohibits payday lenders from claiming affiliations with Native American tribes in Nebraska to shield themselves from state regulations.  While all cash advance lenders are required to be licensed to do business, some lenders tried to establish business ties with Nebraska tribes to claim operational freedoms from state regulations.

It should be stressed that not all short term lenders operating in Nebraska have attempted such tactics. While these decisions do not reflect the entirety of payday lenders in the state, they do serve to underline the importance of a potential borrower understanding everything they can about a lending company, including who owns and operates the business. With these unique features and straight-forward regulations, borrowers should understand as much as they can about a cash advance loan before agreeing to use it.

Lending Rules*

Lenders in the state of Nebraska are legally required to comply by the following limitations according to Neb. Stat. Ann. §§ 45-901:

Maximum Loan Amount:
Maximum Length of Loan:
34 days
Maximum Finance Rate & Fees:
$15 per $100 or pro rata for any part thereof on amount of check
Finance Charge for 14-day $100 Loan:
APR for 14-day $100 Loan:
Max # Outstanding Loans at One Time:
Rollovers Permitted:
None (cannot repay, refinance, consolidate)
Collection Fees:
$15 NSF fee
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Regulatory Information

If you have a complaint against a Nebraska Cash Advance location you can contact your state regulator below:

Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance
1526 K Street, Suite 300, Lincoln, NE 68508-2732
(402) 471-2171

Nebraska Lenders

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Nebraska Statistics**

The following information is key demographic data for the state of Nebraska from the Census bureau.

Total Population:
Median Household Income:
Poverty Rate:
Median Gross Rent:
High School Graduate or Higher:
Bachelor's Degree or Higher:
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Borrow Responsibly

A payday loan works best when the borrower understands the laws, allowable practices, and terms of a loan. Given the emergency nature associated with cash advance loans, however, a potential borrower may not have the amount of time desired to properly research and consider the pros and cons of a payday loan. As such, good financial practices and preparations can eliminate the need for short term loan consideration.

Above all else, a potential borrower needs to understand how long they have to repay the loan and do so accordingly. The largest hazard of payday loans is the inability to make payments, forcing a borrower to take out multiple loans and getting trapped in a debt cycle. Do not look to cash advance loans for long-term financial planning, and pay back what is owed quickly. is an independent comparison service provider. Reasonable efforts have been made to maintain accurate information throughout our website; however, all information is presented without warranty or guarantee. may receive compensation from our partners, including, but not limited to, clicking on links and lead generation.