Colorado Payday Loans

Colo. Rev. Stat. 5-3.1-101 et seq.
Status: Legal

Payday loans (cash advances) are legal in the state of Colorado according Colo. Rev. Stat. 5-3.1-101 et seq (Consumer Credit Code, Article 3.1 Deferred Deposit Loan Act). To qualify for a payday loan you must meet basic requirements such as being employed, having a bank account, being 18+, as well as being a US resident. After applying for a payday loan you will generally be approved within the next 24 hours and can receive your cash within 24-48 hours. For those who are starting with no credit history or are rebuilding one's credit you don't need to worry about that impacting your approval since your credit is not checked.

Colorado Regulations

It has been deemed that there is significant demand for small loans within the state of Colorado but various regulations are necessary to minimize exploitation of borrowers.  The legislation imposes restrictions on lenders to insure honest loan services while providing an opportunity for borrowers to access loans at reasonable rates and terms.

Lending Rules*

Lenders in the state of Colorado are legally required to comply by the following limitations according to Colo. Rev. Stat. 5-3.1-101 et seq.:

Maximum Loan Amount:
Minimum Length of Loan:
6 months
Maximum Finance Rate & Fees:
20%: $0-$300 + 7.5%: $301-$500 plus 45% per annum interest plus monthly maintenance fee $7.50 per $100 borrowed, up to $30, after first month.
Finance Charge for 14-day $100 Loan:
Not applicable
APR for 14-day $100 Loan:
Not applicable
Max # Outstanding Loans at One Time:
No limit if total debt does not exceed $500 and 30-days between loans
Rollovers Permitted:
One renewal at 45% interest allowed.
Collection Fees:
One $25 NSF fee; Court Costs; Reasonable Attorney's Fees not to exceed loan amount
Criminal Action:
Prohibited (Unless the consumer's account was closed before the agreed upon negotiation date)
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Regulatory Information

If you have a complaint against a Colorado Cash Advance location you can contact your state regulator below:

Colorado Office of the Attorney General
Uniform Consumer Credit Code, 1525 Sherman St., 5th Fl. Denver CO 80203
(303) 866-4494
(303) 866-5691

Colorado Lenders

Below you can find Colorado payday loan lenders in the following cities:

Colorado Statistics**

The following information is key demographic data for the state of Colorado from the Census bureau.

Total Population:
Median Household Income:
Poverty Rate:
Median Gross Rent:
High School Graduate or Higher:
Bachelor's Degree or Higher:
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Borrow Responsibly

Payday loans are meant to be short term loans to meet your obligation until the next paycheck.  It is in your best interest to pay these loans in full by their loan terms.  Please make sure to read all of the terms and conditions on the loan and according to the regulations of Colorado.  Also make sure to make the payment at the set date of the loan. If you need an extension you should contact the lender by phone to ask for one. However, it is strongly recommended that you pay off the loan in full within the set time frame to avoid high interest payments. is an independent comparison service provider. Reasonable efforts have been made to maintain accurate information throughout our website; however, all information is presented without warranty or guarantee. may receive compensation from our partners, including, but not limited to, clicking on links and lead generation.