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(448 Ratings)

Advance America Cash Advance

(448 Ratings)

1820B 6th Ave SE,
Decatur AL 35601
Telephone: (256) 274-5060
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Get Cash Now
Get Cash Now


Advance America Cash Advance Store Hours
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Getting immediate cash in Decatur doesn't have to be a pain.  Fortunately Advance America Cash Advance has got you covered.  Stop by the store at 1820B 6th Ave SE, Decatur AL and get your payday loan in the next 24 hours.  You can also call with any questions to (256) 274-5060.

General Information

Advance America is here for you with the money you need. With over 2,500 locations nationwide you could get the money you need today in as little as 15 min. Or visit advanceamerica.net to apply online, and you could be eligible for a deposit of $100 or more directly into your checking account.
Apply From Your Phone
Deposited into Your Bank!
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